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What is Hyperbolic Crochet?

Posted on: September 8, 2010

It’s a funny name, not to be confused with the Hyperbaric Chamber they put you in to cure the bends!

Technically, Hyperbolic Crochet is the name given to applying a mathematical principle to crochet patterns. A hyperbolic plane expands exponentially from any point on its surface, always curving away from itself. In other words, evenly double or triple the stitches!

You can easily crochet a hyperbolic surface by increasing at a constant rate throughout the piece. So if,  for example, you start with a chain of 3 single crochet (3 sc), you may crochet 6 sc in the third chain from the hook. Then, go around 2 sc in each of the 6, (12 sc), then 2 in each of the 12, (24 sc), etc. Eventually, the piece will fold in on itself in evenly distributed sections and become a sphere.

Choose a crochet hook smaller than the hook size suggested on the yarn label. The smaller the crochet hook, the tighter the stitches will be and the more stiff your final creation will be. You won’t need to get the stitches too tight since you don’t want this to strain your hands.

You can add cylinders, ruffles, circles or any shape to the surface of your creation by increasing or decreasing stitches! You can work from the surface directly or create a shape from a separate yarn and then attach it to your piece! The combinations are endless!

To see some amazing creations which inspired me, go to The Institute For Figuring online. There are instructions and details for crocheting coral reef designs.

Once you get started in this amazingly simple technique, you may never go back to flat surfaces again!


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